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portable horizontal band sawmill
Release time:2012.05.07 News sources:Shandong Zouping Shuanghuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

     A shipment of portable horizontal band sawmillsdiesel enginehas been applied in a virgin forest in The Gabonese Republic, a country in Africa with abundant forest resource. Our company has been keeping trade relationship with some main sawmills factories in Africa, South American, Europe, etc.


The African customer satisfies our productions extremely, and they’d like going on our long-term cooperation. According to their feedback, our machine performs extraordinarily in the following respect. First, the portable horizontal band sawmill could be utilized anywhere in virgin forests because of its removable. Thus, such working mode would save a great deal of money on transport.  Besides the sharp blades installed in the machine could saw off all uneven sides, leaving the wood in perfect condition for user. Additionally, the advanced portable horizontal band sawmill could boost output surely. The superiorities of portable horizontal band sawmill definitely beyond description listed, hope you will have a personal experience sincerely.


This shipment of machines is MJ1300, an outstanding production in portable horizontal band sawmills. In the beginning, we communicated with our esteemed customer. During the intimate and frequent contact, we got detailed first-hand information. We provided our suitable machine in view of the customer’s demand. A vast number of relevant factors would be considered: such as sawing wood diameter, sawing wood length, equipment power requirement, mobile operation or not, sawing wood type, wood hardness, use of saw wood, etc. Due to the meticulous pre-purchase service, the portable horizontal band sawmills would fulfill all the requirements and expectations of the subscriber. Meanwhile, a compatible application enable the machine perform all its remarkable function.


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